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We offer four dynamic class styles. Whether you’re a ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced’, we accommodate everyone. Not sure where to start? Barre Body Fit Classic provides a solid foundation.


The original, like a classic tote that complements every look, this one hour workout will tone and challenge all levels of fitness. This is a class you can't go wrong with. The BBF tones and blasts common problem areas through a series of strategic exercises that focus on strength and flexibility while incorporating the ballet barre. The routine keeps fitness fresh with innovative moves complementary to all levels of fitness.
> Recommended for beginners. Classes in studio b are smaller and may be a good fit for first timers.


Pressed for time? Aren't we all? Join us for a 50-minute variation of Barre Body Fit for Barre Body Fitters on the go! This class is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day.


This class is designed to target all areas of the body with an emphasis on the core. Barre paired with an intense core segment and plenty of stretching, what could be better? Be prepared to strengthen, sweat, and stretch.


This is an advanced variation of the traditional Barre Body Fit class. Barre Body Blast is designed to challenge you with added cardio and strength training options.


You asked and we answered. Introducing our newest schedule addition: BBS Bangin' Backside! Come to this class for a higher, tighter, rounder butt. We'll run you through the BBS format you know and love with an extra emphasis on sculpting your seat, toning your hamstrings, and strengthening your back. All levels welcome.


Once a month Barre Body Studio sets up at Market Mall Lululemon to teach a custom Barre Body Studio. Classes are tailored to all fitness levels and are a ton of fun. Throughout the class we focus on small isometric movements to rev up your heart-rate, blast fat, and build muscle. No weights or barre needed. We modify everything to keep you working hard. Expect short cardio intervals and lots of stretching as well. Bring your mat and join us for a free class. Don't be shy, the classes are a perfect start to any Sunday.
Next classes: June 14th, July 19th, August 9th and September 13th *all at @ 9:30am


Mommy & Me is a post-natal barre class designed to give new moms a dynamic barre workout with their babies safely nestled into their own carriers.
This 6-week pre-registered class will not only offer you a fantastic workout but an activity you and your new baby can enjoy together! Don’t fret if your little one fusses or cries during classes, it will likely happen to all of us! Babies must be under 7 months old and not crawling. For everyone’s safety, your baby must be in a wrap/body carrier while you are enjoying the class, or on the mat for the floor series. Carriers are not provided. Sign up for mommy & me class


Tween barre is class tailored for you mom’s/dad’s out there to enjoy with your tweens, aged 9 to 16 years old. The class format is based on a variation of our BBS original Barre Body Fit class which is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. Each class incorporates elements of strength training, body awareness/posture, cardio, and flexibility. This is a six week program. Don’t worry, dance experience is not required. Sign up for tween barre

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A few ground rules to make sure everyone enjoys their work out.
Please also see class reservation & class cancellation policy, terms & conditions, and privacy policy.


  • All class services from Barre Body Studio must be preceded by the applicant acknowledging, by way of completing a Liability Release form, that he/she has no physical limitations preventing him/her from participation.
  • Minimum age for participation is12 years of age. All applicants under 18 years of age must have written consent from a parent or guardian.
  • The applicant agrees to abide by the norms of the studio.
  • All applicants release Barre Body Studio, its owners, directors, managers and all employees of all liability regarding; 1) any loss or damage to personal property, and 2) any injury to self or child.
  • Barre Body Studio reserves the right to revise the terms, conditions and prices at our discretion. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the current Terms and Conditions.


  • Barre Body Studio prohibits the use of cell phones in the exercise studios during class.


  • Only capped water bottles are allowed in the studio rooms. Please do not chew gum in the studio during class.


  • Rest and respect your health and the health of others: Please do not take class if you are not feeling well.
  • Pregnant Clients: Pregnant clients are encouraged to get permission from their doctor prior to attending classes at Barre Body Studio. Barre Body Studio classes can be safely conducted throughout your pregnancy with modifications. Please arrive early to speak to your instructor prior to class.